Cctv Agreement

If there is no internal maintenance or upkeep contract, is there an ad hoc agreement? If a customer is not satisfied with the level of maintenance or after-sales service they receive at our standard price, they can immediately turn to the CCTV consulting service that tries to resolve the situation on their behalf. They can also request a change of company within 45 days. This results in a high level of performance within the maintenance companies we have set up, as they do not have a long-term contract with a customer. 5. Who is responsible for monitoring internal maintenance? Is there a plan to check this at any time, if so, what would be the date? 8. A description of the services provided under this Contract. Please indicate whether this contract covers more than CCTV services. Our customers are never left on the call center merry-go-round, as we are able to aggravate problems at the highest level within the installation company. The use of a facility management company.

The same company that manages your other facilities also takes care of your security, including ccTV. FM companies often reduce your costs by reducing the level of service or finding someone cheaper (although they don`t necessarily offer better value for money). These companies understand or rarely have knowledge of the British standard 62672-4, which covers the installation and ongoing maintenance of CCTV systems. As a result, systems are often poorly set up and the money invested in the system is wasted when the quality of evidence is not available if necessary. Due to our relationship with the installers and the scope of the activity we like, our contact is normally at the level of the director or general manager. While it is rare for a client to need our intervention when we engage, it is taken extremely seriously and problems are usually quickly accelerated. Contact us for more details if this is the type of maintenance contract you want. 7.

How many cameras are used in total under this contract? If you are in the middle of a long-term contract, contact us with the details and we will contact you just before the end of your current contract to offer a competitive alternative.. . . .