Esri Academic Departmental Agreement

Yes, you can continue to request EVA codes for 1-year-old students that allow students and employees to use ArcMap off campus. Please request them from More than 130 higher education institutions access Esri Software through the Chest Software License Agreement. This agreement provides employees and students with access to Esri`s desktop, web, and mobile applications for teaching, research, and campus management. An EA typically provides unlimited quantities of selected Esri products during the term of the agreement. For these unlimited licenses, maintenance is included. Esri UK & Ireland is committed to supporting teaching and research in higher education. All aspects of higher education – teaching, learning, research, and academic administration – can benefit from ArcGIS and spatial thinking. With ea, you make the expected payments in exchange for a mandatory series of software, services and training during the term of the contract. EAs offer flexible software management. They can be tailored to your needs based on licensing and EA type. EAs are used to provide unlimited quantities of selected Esri products during the term of the contract.

Absolutely! We`re here to help! Contact us at 800-447-9778 (in the US) or and a representative can help! If you are unable to continue with the EA standard business model, keep the licenses provided under the EA and then you can purchase maintenance as needed. Subscription EAs provide licenses for the duration of the agreement. Three years is the standard duration. An Enterprise Agreement (EA) is your fastest path to organization-wide GIS.