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Whene`er the foe May appear in our sight, We`ll ram throttle full, Then we`ll humble all his might! Of what other use is our life If country, we serve freely? Yes, serve freely! For to die for country, Be the greatest honour there be. Wiehle adapted a German sailor`s song, writing lyrics more appropriate to the Panzerwaffe. Wir werden die Sowjetunion zerschlagen und die Alliierten aus Deutschland vertreiben tbh Ich weiß nicht, was es sagt, aber es gefällt mir What do our lives matter for our Reich`s army? Yes, Reich`s army And guns threaten before us, hidden in the yellow sand, yes, yellow sand @the-empress-is-monika We will Liberate Sayori Yuri and Natsuki from you Monika For The Fatherland! the moment you realize you can just go around the magi not line Mit Sperren und Minen Hält der Gegner uns auf, Wir lachen darüber Und fahren nicht drauf. Und droh`n vor uns Geschütze, Versteckt im gelben Sand, Im gelben Sand, Wir suchen uns Wege, Die keiner sonst fand. Ahead of our comrades, in battle we stand alone, we stand alone Trifft uns die Todeskugel, ruft uns das Schicksal ab, ja, Schicksal ab Bereit stehen zum vor Marsch meine kameraden PANZER VOR!!! . The lyrics of Panzerlied were adapted to fit a Kriegsmarine song. The first verse is the most commonly sung. [1] [6] Was gilt denn unser Leben für uns`res Reiches Heer? Ja, Reiches Heer Today the Panzerlied serves as the official hymn of the armored forces of the Chilean army, and while the lyrics were translated to Spanish, the title stayed the same. The song is also sung by some motorized and parachute units of the Italian and South Korean armies. In France, it was adapted slightly to become the “Marche des Chars”, and the tune is used for the French Foreign Legion song “Képi Blanc”. Dusty are our faces, but joyful is our mind, yes, our mind When before us an enemy Army then appears. Shalt full gas be given And run to the enemy! What then do our lives count for, For our nation`s army? Yes, nation`s army To die for Germany Is our highest honor. Wenn vor uns ein feindliches Heer dann erscheint, Wird Vollgas gegeben Und ran an den Feind! Was gilt denn unser Leben Für unsres Reiches Heer? Ja Reiches Heer Für Deutschland zu sterben Ist uns höchste Ehr.