Bc Pharmacare Collaborative Prescribing Agreement

This ensures appropriate PharmaCare coverage and specific prescription reminders to physicians. The CPA indicates the criteria for prescribing the drug. If you receive an order with this mention, you will file the application with the Ajudicious intervention code upon request at $0.00. For some limited coverage drugs, PharmaCare invites physicians to sign a Collaborative Prescribing Agreement (CPA). Coverage criteria, forms and collaborative prescribing agreements for limited-coverage drugs are provided on the pages containing the criteria for drug coverage available on the Special Authority`s Restricted Drug List website. When a patient does not meet the criteria set out in the CPA, the CPA requires the physician to do both: a CPA may be offered to specialists who often prescribe a drug for patients who meet the PharmaCare coverage criteria. Physicians who have received a CPA are exempt from the implementation of applications from the special authority for a specific drug and are subject to the provisions of the CPA. Pharmacists who bottle prescriptions labelled “PharmaCare Zero Cost Registration” /”PharmaCare Pays Zero” must enter the $0.00 Ajudicated Intervention Code to ensure that PharmaCare does not cover the costs.