Sydney Trains Enterprise Agreement 2018

Both agreements – one for NSW Trains employees and the other for Sydney Trains workers – are now subject to fair work approval. Another public transport crisis was averted after workers in Sydney and NSW Trains voted to adopt their recent enterprise agreement. “The Minister of Transport should look at this result and ask himself what he is going to do to repair the chaos he has put himself in,” he said. Fairfax Media sought Minister Constance`s advice. The agreement provides that they will each receive an annual salary increase of 3 per cent over three years, as well as a one-time payment of 1000 $US and seven days of paid domestic violence leave. The Secretary of State of the Railway, Tram and Bus Union Alex Claassens welcomed the agreement for railway workers, but said he was still disappointed by the way the state government is handling the issue. Credit: Daniel Munoz “It wasn`t an easy process for anyone. The workers had to fight tooth and nail to get to this point. Despite the result, the railway, tram and bus union was unimpressed by the offer, accusing Transport Minister Andrew Constance of the “stress” caused by the negotiations. “It is good that workers have at least certainty about their working conditions and wages at least now.

This is far from an overwhelming vote,” said Alex Claassens, the union`s secretary of state. The result was obtained on Saturday night after a mail-in vote returned with 52.8% of Sydney Trains employees voting in favour of the deal, and 50.8% of NSW Trains employees also voted in favour.